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TorkWell Automation and Controls has extensive experience in deploying Industrial Automation systems. We have working relationships with leading OEMs and can provide solutions regarding all Automation needs. Our services include Design and supply of control panel boards, program development of PLC, SCADA, HMI, DCS, RTU, Preparing technical submittals and documentation, technical support, startup and training, supply of all automation products and field instruments, etc.

Who Are we ?

Business Description

Torkwell Automation & Controls is a firm specialising in Engineering, Consulting, manufacturing and Integration of automated production systems.


Sticking to our vision by implementing new technologies and best business practices through constant education & learning.


Provide the best experience at identifying & delivering information on engineering solutions & services. We are committed to have a hassle free & effective service to our clients

Our Client Testimonials

For us, the big thing is to have the bots do the heavy lifting. Not to replace our people, but to let the bots do the stuff that bots are good at, and let our people focus where they excel: building relationships and providing better service to our clients
Randolf Robson Senior Engineer
Thanks to TorkWell Automation, our company became responsive to market changes and was able to grow a satisfied customer base.
Sunil Kumar Director
The key to this solution was to make the task screen independent. Because it needed to be deployed on multiple machines, screen resolutions, loading times, etc., were bound to be varied and the automated task took this into account, thus running a seamless automated analysis.
Sarath Chandran Analyst

The new era of technology TorkWell

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